Prison Rehabilitation Programs

Prison rehabilitation programs are the methods stated by criminal justice authorities to keep prisoners away from committing further crimes. Previously, the purpose of such programs was to improve the character of prisoners but now it has been directed towards complete avoidance of crimes. These programs assist criminals to start new life free from criminal activities.

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It has been observed that prisoners usually commit crimes because of some financial and social problems, drug addictions, avoidance from family, or any deficiency which make them feel shame. So these programs direct its efforts keeping in view the criminals’ background and particular training he needs for example drugs addicted prisoners are being given proper medical treatment which helps them to get rid of drugs addiction. Thus rehabilitation programs vary according to the nature of crimes, type of criminals and the institutions from which criminals belong to.

Every individual is unique, having different background and different learning styles, thus there are different treatment methods subjected to their ethnicities, ages, genders, attitudes, learning styles and personalities. There are some steps involved in Prison rehabilitation programs, in which they are being given a series of educational, psychological and professional training which aim to address specific offending behavior. Following are the steps.

• The foremost step is to accurately evaluate prisoner’s individual behavior
• Second is to analyze needs and risks involved in treatment of prisoners.
• Last step is to design the programs according to needs, risks and nature of prisoners.

Prison Rehabilitation programs are being offered by some religious and social organizations, which specifically concentrate educational and religious prison rehabilitation programs. Such programs are not only useful for criminals but are also good for society as a whole. Upon completion of such programs, prisoners get properly trained so they can live a normal life not even thinking to return back to their previous immoral life.

The best feature of such programs is that they identify the prisoner’s potential skills and work towards improving and enhancing their skills. They provide them with degrees and specialized courses on cooking, repairing computers, or creating recycled crafts etc. Furthermore they are being provided with recommendation letters so their criminal records do not become hurdle for getting jobs and they become able to earn for their decent living.

Important for a prisoner is to have a will to change themselves, and then giving them support to improve their selves. Many of them do not know how to start a new life, such prison rehabilitation programs are the way, and they can enlighten their future life.

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