Poseidon Adventure

A term paper on Poseidon adventure will be an attention-grabbing topic for the readers. It will be easier for the students to write because of its easy searching and appreciative text. If this term paper is written properly, you will get good marks in exams because its story belongs to the classical novel “The Poseidon Adventure” which was written by Paul Gallico.

Term paper on Poseidon adventure will be good, if you divide your entire effort in three phases; research, writing and editing and work accordingly


In your term paper on Poseidon adventure, you should analyze the actual film, deeply. You should dig out major events in film shooting and its main emphasizing idea. You should also research about its awards, two of them are:

• This movie’s song “The Song from 'The Poseidon Adventure'" won the Academy Award for Best Song and also became a super hit single for Maureen McGovern.
• This film also won an Academy Award for Special Achievement in Visual Effects.

Although, this term paper is about the film, but you should also research about the differences between novel and film (in story or characters etc.), for this you should read the novel, if it is not possible, you should only read its review.


In writing phase of your term paper on Poseidon adventure, you should write that this film was made in 1972 and was admired as an action-adventure disaster film. The story of the film was based on the novel.

The story plot centers upon the SS Poseidon (fictional ocean liner) which came across with the tsunami in its final voyage towards Athens. It was a huge film at box office and was the number one in 1973.

The entire film concerns with keel over of a great luxurious ocean liner because of tsunami. The film shows the desperate struggles of its survivors to the journey from the ocean up to the safe place.

You should also mention in your term paper on Poseidon adventure, this was remade twice in 1974 and 2006.


Now edit your term paper on Poseidon adventure, carefully. Reread your whole term paper and identify all grammatical and spelling errors then remove them. You should ask your friend/classmate to recheck it and highlight if he/she found any mistake.

Now your flawless term paper is ready to submit. Have a good writing journey!

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