Kidnapped" is one of Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson's renowned adventurous stories. "Kidnapped" is an all time classic, which intrigue to adults and children regardless. It is a story of a young lad David Balfour, who is sent off to seek out his uncle, on his coming of age, and auspiciously finds that he is the heir of his father's substantial fortune. A letter from his late father, and the order to go to his ancestral home, is all that David knows of his birthright.

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Robert Louis Stevenson's Kidnapped starts with David Balfour's departure from the small home of his late father. The story then cites the travel of David, in the cool of the early morning, listening to the hopeless words of Mr. Campbell, minister of Essendean. David then makes his way to the House of Shaws, known all over the countryside as a dark and hideous place. The surprise for David starts with his finding that he is not merely David Balfour, but David Balfour of Shaws.

Upon reaching, Davie discovers that his uncle is not the least glad about the return of his brother's and sets traps to get rid of the young heir. This marks the beginnings of David's many adventures. A sinister ship’s captain kidnaps him at his uncle's direction and as a result he meets up with Jacobite rebels, his ship gets wrecked, travels to halfway across Scotland, and gets the reader mingled into many short adventure stories.

The book is a link of adventures, starting one after the another, divided among the chapters. The book provides for the action and nice moments.

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