Free Term Paper on Child Labor

A term paper is a research focused detailed essay that students must submit at the end of their academic term. Teachers assign topics related to the course studied and expect students to prepare an in-depth, well organized term paper. Such term papers are given heavy weight-age and contribute a major portion to the final grade. For this reason students feel pressurized when the deadline approaches.

A child labor term paper is a research based task that requires an all around approach while writing. The topic on its own is controversial since it involves a moral and opportunity aspect. But keep in mind, there are always two sides to everything. An argumentative approach is usually used when writing a child labor term paper.

Star your child labor term paper with a thesis statement which should be included in the introduction. A thesis statement is actually a short, to-the-point sentence that depicts your stance and argument regarding the chosen topic. You may either side with or against child labor or discuss one of its many aspects such as its prevalence, influences, causes, and so on.

Present a universally accepted definition of child labor; this is important because different countries have different laws on child labor. Draw the line between legal and illegal child labor. The next step in writing a child labor term paper is to discuss the various sectors in the local economy or global economy where child labor is most apparent. Classify countries where child labor rates are high and provide recent statistics of each sector. Such information should be easily available from past official researches or government records.

It is best to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of child labor from a neutral point of view. So do not get into a biased, heated discussion on the advantages or disadvantages, present both sides of the argument for the child labor term paper. Highlight all perspectives, from the family, the employer, the businessman, the economy, the opportunity cost and the child itself.

Collect evidence and supporting data to back your thesis statement. This is a crucial point in the child labor term paper. Whatever your argument may be, collect data, cases, scenarios, write-ups and information to reinforce your thesis statement. Make sure each subsequent paragraph supports your argument by adding relevant and reliable information.

To finalize your child labor term paper, summarize effectively the gist of your argument and opinion in light of the research. Use a persuasive manner while emphasizing your thesis statement.

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