Islamic Banking

Islamic banking is a system of banking that is coherent with the principles of Islamic laws known as Sharia. Islamic banking is interest free banking. Islamic banking is playing major role in the progress of Islamic society. Islamic principles of banking have proven foundation for a prosperous economy. This term paper on Islamic banking will reveal the real concept of Islamic banking system.

Conventionally the Islamic banks were established on the principle of profit sharing. In this type of banking, instead of giving interest to customers the profits are shared according to their investments. Later on a banking system on the principle of Mudarabha- profit and loss sharing was established. The first experiment of modern banking was implemented in Egypt and now Malaysia and Bahrain have attained prosperous economy due to Islamic Banking.

In this term paper on Islamic banking I want to state that Islamic banks have features that can really help to boost economy. Islamic banks deal with equity rather than debts. So instead of providing credit card facility most of the Islamic bank provide debit card. Profit and loss sharing feature of Islamic banks make this banking completely interest free. According to Islamic scholars any kind of money without any risk is simply interest and that money cannot be considered as profit. Order your custom research papers and term papers now

Islam has drawn a clear distinction line between profit and interest. Commercial banking system follows capitalist theory. In this theory capital and entrepreneurs are considered as two separate identities. In which capital is permitted to take interest and entrepreneur have to pay that amount. However in Islamic monetary system capital and entrepreneur are not separate identity. Following this theory, in Islamic monetary system an individual who invest his money has to share both profit and loss.

That capitalist theory has been responsible for the recession in economy and accumulation of wealth. Due to interest rates of loans and credit cards individuals are stuck in debt cycles for years. Following Islamic banking system economy of a country can easily prosper. Profit is distributed evenly among individuals and accumulation of wealth is avoided.

Thus Islamic banking system can really reap best results for our economy.

Poseidon Adventure

A term paper on Poseidon adventure will be an attention-grabbing topic for the readers. It will be easier for the students to write because of its easy searching and appreciative text. If this term paper is written properly, you will get good marks in exams because its story belongs to the classical novel “The Poseidon Adventure” which was written by Paul Gallico.

Term paper on Poseidon adventure will be good, if you divide your entire effort in three phases; research, writing and editing and work accordingly


In your term paper on Poseidon adventure, you should analyze the actual film, deeply. You should dig out major events in film shooting and its main emphasizing idea. You should also research about its awards, two of them are:

• This movie’s song “The Song from 'The Poseidon Adventure'" won the Academy Award for Best Song and also became a super hit single for Maureen McGovern.
• This film also won an Academy Award for Special Achievement in Visual Effects.

Although, this term paper is about the film, but you should also research about the differences between novel and film (in story or characters etc.), for this you should read the novel, if it is not possible, you should only read its review.


In writing phase of your term paper on Poseidon adventure, you should write that this film was made in 1972 and was admired as an action-adventure disaster film. The story of the film was based on the novel.

The story plot centers upon the SS Poseidon (fictional ocean liner) which came across with the tsunami in its final voyage towards Athens. It was a huge film at box office and was the number one in 1973.

The entire film concerns with keel over of a great luxurious ocean liner because of tsunami. The film shows the desperate struggles of its survivors to the journey from the ocean up to the safe place.

You should also mention in your term paper on Poseidon adventure, this was remade twice in 1974 and 2006.


Now edit your term paper on Poseidon adventure, carefully. Reread your whole term paper and identify all grammatical and spelling errors then remove them. You should ask your friend/classmate to recheck it and highlight if he/she found any mistake.

Now your flawless term paper is ready to submit. Have a good writing journey!

Architecture Term Paper

The term paper on Architecture reveals the fact that architecture is not just a subject that is studied under the close boundaries of a campus; it is actually an evolving science that has emerged right from the advent of mankind. The essence of art, design and creativity can easily be traced in the nature of mankind. It has affected the survival of our lives for thousands of years. The cycle of development is still in progress, leading to innovative and amazing ideas.

The subject possesses rich images in the history. This creativeness has been started by early civilizations of Greeks. In about 200 BC the advent of cement gave rose to an incredible idea of structural materials. The Roman Empire putted forward the significant concept of concrete, resulting in the construction of stones, bricks and ultimately arches and roads. All in all, the great achievements of Rome and Greece were highly treasured and became the foundation of architectural developments.

The term paper on architecture shows that as the society continues to modernize, the architectural styles also keep on progressing. These approaches are highly concerned about the dimensional views. It deals with practical, environmental and aesthetical perspectives. Science and technology have embraced that field with up-to-date methods and techniques. Noise level, sound filter, pollution levels, impact of surrounding etc are now examined in constructing a new building. All these attributes have also contributed in limiting the control of ease in shaping the structure of certain framework.

Architecture always develops with some inspiration. World around us invigorates the state of mind to arouse us with creative and artistic ideas. Whatever it is designing about: home, government building, parks, hospitals, stadiums, station etc; all need an association with new styles and outlooks. The key points of structure, exterior, material and historical background are now characterized exclusively.

The field presents a collective approach in bringing all the postures together. Along with historical background, size of the building, construction materials, roof outlines and floor patterns, window size and door shape, and decorative details: all are encapsulated in the field of architecture.

Architecture discipline is now offered in many educational institutes. The students are provided with an overall framework of architecture and its related environment. The study provides them with standards and policies regarding arts, architecture and design. The students are given a brilliant platform to represent their artistic piece of work through varieties of mediums such as pencil, crayons, water colors etc.

The term paper on architecture reveals the modern trends of a architecture. The field has progressed from the discovery of caves to the construction of skyscrapers. The analysis shows that it still tends to grow further with the moving world.

Free Term Paper on Child Labor

A term paper is a research focused detailed essay that students must submit at the end of their academic term. Teachers assign topics related to the course studied and expect students to prepare an in-depth, well organized term paper. Such term papers are given heavy weight-age and contribute a major portion to the final grade. For this reason students feel pressurized when the deadline approaches.

A child labor term paper is a research based task that requires an all around approach while writing. The topic on its own is controversial since it involves a moral and opportunity aspect. But keep in mind, there are always two sides to everything. An argumentative approach is usually used when writing a child labor term paper.

Star your child labor term paper with a thesis statement which should be included in the introduction. A thesis statement is actually a short, to-the-point sentence that depicts your stance and argument regarding the chosen topic. You may either side with or against child labor or discuss one of its many aspects such as its prevalence, influences, causes, and so on.

Present a universally accepted definition of child labor; this is important because different countries have different laws on child labor. Draw the line between legal and illegal child labor. The next step in writing a child labor term paper is to discuss the various sectors in the local economy or global economy where child labor is most apparent. Classify countries where child labor rates are high and provide recent statistics of each sector. Such information should be easily available from past official researches or government records.

It is best to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of child labor from a neutral point of view. So do not get into a biased, heated discussion on the advantages or disadvantages, present both sides of the argument for the child labor term paper. Highlight all perspectives, from the family, the employer, the businessman, the economy, the opportunity cost and the child itself.

Collect evidence and supporting data to back your thesis statement. This is a crucial point in the child labor term paper. Whatever your argument may be, collect data, cases, scenarios, write-ups and information to reinforce your thesis statement. Make sure each subsequent paragraph supports your argument by adding relevant and reliable information.

To finalize your child labor term paper, summarize effectively the gist of your argument and opinion in light of the research. Use a persuasive manner while emphasizing your thesis statement.

Student Success Term Paper

Most likely, every student has to write some term papers in his/her academic life. These term paper assignments will be fascinating for them, if they have some correspondence with a student’s life. “Student success term paper” is an appealing topic in this regard, which most of the students love to write.

A good student success term paper should cover all important skills which will help students. It should be informative enough to facilitate the students to develop, polish and maximize their potential skills. First of all try to make it clear what is meant by a student’s success. It means that he/she possess all crucial skills to be a successful one in the classroom, at home, as well as in their personal life. He has good grades in exams, efficient in classroom as well as admirable among people because of his great ethics.

Student success term paper is the one which describes clearly what skills a student should possess to be a successful one, either in class room or at home.

The list of classroom skills that should be included in student success term paper are: one should keep a cool mind under pressure; one should try his best to perform well within given time limit, one should have friendly behavior with his classmates, he must have capability to take quick and clear notes.

Furthermore in order to be successful, a student should use all his senses (visual, aural, and kinesthetic) to grasp ideas in class room. He should try to retain the information through listening, seeing as well as through practical applications of hypothesis.

A student success term paper also informs the student about home skills that a student should possesses in terms of excellence, these include reviewing notes, proper working on computer like e-mails, internet searching, and use of MS-office etc. A student should be up to date in his home assignments as well to compete with his classmates.

In addition, a student success term paper should also enlighten the tips and techniques to brush up your personal skills, these include, punctuality, proper ethics, scheduling of the activities (playing, studying, working, domestic chores etc.)

More over, it also determines how a student should cope up with the difficulties and problems that can make hurdles in a student’s success.

If you follow these guidelines in writing a student success term paper, you will surely produce an excellent, useful and admirable term paper, which will not only help you to get great marks in exams but also be beneficial for the other students, too.

Freedom Term Paper

A term paper is a detailed study revolving around a certain topic studied in a course. It is assigned by examiners to students to check their learning, researching and analyzing abilities. Since it adds considerably to the final grade, students tend to get stressed out and pressurized when it comes to writing a term paper.

A topic may be assigned to you or you may have been given the chance to write on any topic of your choice. One of the hardest parts in writing a term paper is dealing with a topic once it has been decided. This is a common issue with a term paper on freedom since the topic is so vast. The tips below will help you in writing a term paper on freedom that will hopefully earn you an excellent passing grade.

Freedom can be interpreted a number of ways; freedom of speech, freedom of will, political freedom, economic freedom, religion freedom, moral freedom, freedom generally and so on. You can even write about freedom fighters, the need for freedom and whether pure freedom really exists or not. Choose one that you feel you can write on thoroughly.

Conduct preliminary research on the topic or branch of freedom. This will help you get a feel of the topic and learn more about its aspects. Further fine tune your interest by choosing a particular niche of the topic. For example, if you chose to write on religious freedom, you can further narrow it down and write on ‘the will to practice religion freely in foreign land’.

The next step in writing a term paper on freedom is to develop a thesis statement. This is a short concise sentence that depicts your stance on the chosen topic. This should be mentioned in the introductory paragraph along with the reason for choosing this topic.

Move on to the body paragraphs of your term paper on freedom. This contains the bulk of your writing including the data, supporting evidence, illustrations and analysis. Remember that this section should contain the bulk of your research where you will compile and illustrate the evidence in light of your thesis statement. However, just presenting information is not enough – it must have meaning to it. Therefore you must analyze it in relation to backing your thesis statement.

To conclude your term paper on freedom, reiterate your thesis statement in light of the analysis. Use a persuasive tone while summarizing the results of your research, to create a lasting impact on the reader.


Term Paper on Data Minning

When trying to ace a course, a term paper comes mighty handy. You are not only able to secure a decent grade but also develop research and analytical skills. This article is directed towards developing these very skills within you. You will be provided with a set of guidelines that will enable you to deal your term paper on data mining. As a student a topic such as this may come to you as strong and complicated but this article is going to change your outlook forever.

To begin a term paper you must first analyze your topic and your reader. In this case, you will be dealing with data mining, also known as data or knowledge discovery and your readers are going to be more or less your teachers who already have the necessary background information on the topic assigned.

You will begin with an introductory paragraph explaining what exactly data mining is all about? Make sure the languages in simple and straight to the point. Your teacher will lose interest if he/she has to give time to each sentence to comprehend its meaning.

You can explain how various data mining tools and techniques are being used all around the globe to increase revenues, cuts costs or both. Explain how these techniques are being efficiently put to use in the domains of marketing, surveillance, fraud detection and scientific discovery. You can now elaborate the four tasks that make up data mining including clustering, classification, regressions and association rule learning. To make your content more interesting, add examples from everyday life in relation to the above mentioned task forms.

You can also add information about what technologies support data mining in the corporate and science field for example – you can talk about massive data collection, powerful multiprocessor computers and data mining algorithms.

You will now have to add material in relation to the scope of data mining. You may explain automated prediction of trends and behaviors and automated discovery of previously unknown patterns.

Near the end of your term paper on data mining you can talk about the commonly concerns and ethical issues that are linked with data mining. You can give information about data mining government or commercial data sets for national security or law enforcement purposes, such as in the Total Information Awareness Program or in ADVISE, that have raised privacy concerns.

You are now ready to pen down your term paper on data mining.