The Saints and the Roughnecks Essay

The author jotted down his piece from the standpoint of the category makeup of American social order and the manipulation of legalized organizations by those at the apex of the category makeup. He illustrated that no envoy of the superior category sketched out the outfitted diagram for the law enforcement, which escorted them to peep in the ghettos and on street corners that escorted them to observe the conduct of the inferior category youth as bothersome and that of the superior middle category youth as acceptable.

More exactly, the measures merely came into being from encounters with the incensed and dominant superior middle category parents persisting that their lad's act of defacement was merely a practical joke and his intoxication merely a transitory "sowing of wild oats" and encounters with the supportive or undistinguished, immobilized, inferior category parents who went along with the law's explanation of their lad's actions.

Somewhat disparity in handling of the two posses, upshot from the reason that one posse was by a long way more perceptible than the other. This disparity in perception was, frankly, as a result of the financial status of the families. Owing to stipulation, the Roughnecks (out-group) gathered together in a crammed full region where all and sundry in the neighborhood went by time and again, whereas the Saints (in-group) were not only distant from the middle-of-the-road, but they were practically on every occasion inside an edifice. If one of the Saints was faced up to a charging police officer, his conduct was repentant and regretful, whereas a Roughneck's stance was just about the polar contrary. When faced up to an intimidating grown-up authority, the Roughneck's antagonism and scorn were openly discernible.

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The Saints were capable of influencing the system by faking falling in line with the school standards. The accessibility to vehicles at school suggested that once free from the immediate sight of the teacher, the lads could fade away promptly. Furthermore this getaway was greatly sketched that no administrator or teacher was in close proximity when the lads absconded. A Roughneck, who desired to run off for a few hours, was in a tight situation. If it were on the cards to get free from class, downtown was in spite of everything a mile away, and still if he got there, he was nevertheless very perceptible. Absenteeism for the Roughnecks stood for practically evident exposure, though the Saints had the benefit of practically absolute protection from penalties.

It is amazing that the Saints got fine grades, as none of the posse studied and they were for the most part reliant on one another for assistance. Teachers were a factor to the cheating in their partiality to grant these lads an advantage. Even though the teachers were dissatisfied with a Saint's performance, they would give him a finer grade than he was in reality worthy of. None of the lads took homework home. Teachers may have been considerate on a regular basis. The community law enforcement saw the Saints as decent lads who were among the leaders of the youth in the neighborhood.

From the community's standpoint, the Roughnecks were annoyance as they were frequently engaged with the police force. Some of them had been seized for thieving, generally insignificant things. The community's sense of the amount to which this posse involved in felony was fairly imprecise. In some ways, the posse was more felonious than the community believed. The aggressive activities of the posse were quite promptly and precisely supposed by nearly everybody.

In the eyes of the law enforcement and school officials, a lad who drinks in an alley and rests under the influence on the street corner is executing a more grave felony than is a lad who drinks at inebriation in a nightspot or a watering hole and drives about subsequently in a sedan. Correspondingly, a lad who lifts a wallet from a store will be perceived as having executed a more grave felony than a lad who lifts a lamp from a construction spot.

Mark Twain Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Mark Twain was a pen name for one of the greatest American humorist and author, Samuel Langhorne Clemens (November 30, 1835 – April 21, 1910). Twain wrote several novels, of which novels like ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, and “Tom Sawyer, Detective” are most popular. Twain was very famous, and his enthusiastic humor and insightful spend-up was admired by both, friends and critics

Mark Twain Adventures of Tom Sawyer is one of the most heavily researched literary pieces. Often students in literature classes find themselves writing on Mark Twain Adventures of Tom Sawyer research paper. A research paper is a formal written report required of a student during an academic term, to carry out an independent research into a topic and write a description and analysis of the findings of that research.

First of all in writing a research paper on Mark Twain Adventures of Tom Sawyer, you need to select on which aspect of this novel you want to write on. This would be included in the ‘thesis statement’ and would guide the rest of your research paper. You need to realize that The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is modeled on Twain’s childhood and his friends therefore give an account of that in your introductory paragraph. This is particularly important for an analysis point of view and would really enhance your research paper.

Next comes the body paragraph, which is the heart of your research paper. This would include the central theme of your research and will contain the main points or arguments you want to make on Mark Twain Adventures of Tom Sawyer. You can comment/critique/review various aspects of the novel such as, you can write about Tom’s restricted upbringing and his quest for freedom from all the daily chores and school work.

You can write about his relationship with his aunt, and how it reflected on his behavior in younger and older age, respectively. You could comment on Tom’s adventurous and sensitive characteristics, and how he made wise, responsible decisions. Another important point is that you could go on to discuss the overall development of the characters in light of the novel and how Mark Twain uses his satire to point out society's expectations in conflict with Tom's fun and adventures.

Now you have come to the conclusion of Mark Twain Adventures of Tom Sawyer research paper. This generally demands you to give a synopsis of the story in light of your arguments and analysis. You can compliment your arguments by continuous referring to the context.

Power Points

Writing a research paper is not as tough as most students think of them. If students follow the right guidance and steps writing a research paper can be really easy for them and they can easily secure good marks too. Writing a research paper is tough if you are going astray. If students organize their task and divide it into phases then they are sure to develop a remarkable research paper.

Power points on writing a research paper are as follow:


Students should select a narrowing a niche topics. They should narrow down the general topics into a niche one. The reason behind this is that more niches a topic is more informative and useful it will be. Narrow topics enable students to prepare a comprehensive research paper.


This phase is the most important one. Students can gather information from internet, books, newspapers and magazines etc.


While doing research students should note down author’s name, publisher, book name and the page number to keep track of their research. They can use sticky notes for this purpose too. They can use computer and Dictaphones for this purpose too.


Plagiarism should be strongly avoided. Note making will help you to organize your information and help you to avoid unintentional plagiarism.


While selecting a thesis statement for research paper topics analyze whether thesis statement is answering the question that what the research paper is trying to prove to the audience. Thesis statement should be such that it is delivering the entire points of a research paper in a nut shell.


Students for argument and discussion can use following style sin their research paper.

• Cause and Effect
• Comparison and Contrast
• Toulmin Argument
• Rogerian Argument
• Refutation
• Recommendation

In cause and effect style students can use if then statement. Students can search regarding all these argument style and can adopt one for writing their research paper.


In conclusion students should write regarding the power points of their research paper.

Control Over Workplace

American workers were color-blind to other ethnic groups at work. A worker was a worker, whatever his or her ethnicity. Workers were concerned with class only with regard to labor unions. But ethnic distinctions became very important outside of work. Neighborhoods and communities were often split along ethnic lines. In other countries, the separation between work and home was different. In the capitalist countries of Belgium and Holland, for example, ethnicity (and not class) dominated workplace relations.

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Katz nelson says that other alternatives could have developed in place of the work-community divide in the new American industrial order. For example, the old workingmen’s parties attempted to fashion a politics based on class divisions between the haves and the have-nots. Another view, supported by natives groups like the American Republicans and the Know-Nothings, saw an America divided between Irish-Catholic immigrants and American Protestants. Both views failed, however, because the groups weren’t able to mobilize voters. (Steven Peter Vallas, 1993.)

If you study the causes of recessions and depressions, you’ll learn about the business cycle. Now, let’s ask the question, why does business go through economic downturns periodically in the first place? There is more than one theory, but one of the most popular is overproduction. This is also called the inventory cycle. At some point companies produce more goods than can be sold. With market saturation, inventories begin to build up and workers are laid off to keep profits up.

These unemployed workers don’t buy as much, so sales drop in many other industries also. These in turn lay off even more workers. Thus is created a vicious cycle with more and more layoffs as sales cycle downward. After a few years, the inventories are depleted, companies begin re-hiring to build up depleted stocks. These newly-employed workers can buy more again. This stimulates the economy, and there is an economic recovery. And so it goes until the next downward cycle. That’s capitalism.

Corporate Co-working & Niche Spaces Are Future Of Workspace Industry

There is also a long-term economic downturn in the United States from de-industrialization due to capital flight. Companies flee overseas or down south, say, to Mexico, attracted by the cheap labor and capital available, and also the lack of safety and environmental regulation on business. Both the presidential candidates supported NAFTA, which will encourage even more US companies to flee to Mexico. So what’s the solution to these economic woes? Government ownership of the means of production? There are several objections to this by those who recognize the need for basic social and economic change.

First, governments do not necessarily behave any better than private owners. They too are quite capable of laying workers off when economic times are bad witness the French Socialist government under Mitterrand laying off thousands of workers in the name of “modernization” of state-owned industries in the 1980’s. Second, if the state owns the industries, and the conservatives come back to power, they surely would privatize state-owned industries, as we have seen in Britain under Conservative rule following the nationalization of various industries under Labor governments.

One might argue that democratic socialists would never lose an election, but this is wholly utopian. Marxist-Leninist states didn’t lose elections, but they didn’t have free elections. But now most of these communist governments have collapsed largely due to the terrific inefficiency of bureaucratic, state-owned industries. These were noted for their shortages and shoddy goods, with no chance for consumer choice.

This brings up the third objection to government ownership it destroys competition and thus encourages inefficiency and corruption. Political democracy depends on free competition between ideas, parties and candidates. So too does economic democracy. Without a market system there is no hope for an efficient economy. We must come to recognize that command economies have been tested and have proven themselves to be failures and there is no going back. (Tom Payne, 1993.)

An objection to common ownership was made over two thousand years ago in Athens by Aristotle in The Politics as a reply to Plato’s advocacy of communism. Aristotle believed in the superiority of the m! ale as well as upholding slavery. But he did make a good point in saying that we neglect what is held in common and care less about it than what we privately own.


  • Tom Payne, A Company of One: The Power of Independence in the Workplace, Pr. Of Albuquerque, 1993.
  • Steven Peter Vallas, Power in the WorkPlace: The Politics of Production at At&T, State University of New York Press, 1993.


Kidnapped" is one of Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson's renowned adventurous stories. "Kidnapped" is an all time classic, which intrigue to adults and children regardless. It is a story of a young lad David Balfour, who is sent off to seek out his uncle, on his coming of age, and auspiciously finds that he is the heir of his father's substantial fortune. A letter from his late father, and the order to go to his ancestral home, is all that David knows of his birthright.

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Robert Louis Stevenson's Kidnapped starts with David Balfour's departure from the small home of his late father. The story then cites the travel of David, in the cool of the early morning, listening to the hopeless words of Mr. Campbell, minister of Essendean. David then makes his way to the House of Shaws, known all over the countryside as a dark and hideous place. The surprise for David starts with his finding that he is not merely David Balfour, but David Balfour of Shaws.

Upon reaching, Davie discovers that his uncle is not the least glad about the return of his brother's and sets traps to get rid of the young heir. This marks the beginnings of David's many adventures. A sinister ship’s captain kidnaps him at his uncle's direction and as a result he meets up with Jacobite rebels, his ship gets wrecked, travels to halfway across Scotland, and gets the reader mingled into many short adventure stories.

The book is a link of adventures, starting one after the another, divided among the chapters. The book provides for the action and nice moments.

Project Management Term Paper

Usually companies working on small projects move with the normal flow of operations and can cope up with the problems easily, but when it comes to conducting gigantic projects they often get stuck in handling it optimistically. Surely the basic reason behind this is nothing else other than lack of project management. Therefore students of business management are recommended to write a term paper on project management. It helps in enhancing their writing and thinking ability, hence making them a competent future business person.

All in all, project management is the heart and soul of the entire project. If it is supervised and executed in a proper way, it is guaranteed that the project would reap a fruitful result. Hence the importance of project management is very obvious. Now writing a term paper on project management is a dutiful and careful task. Adopt these basic tips and enjoy a paramount career in business management.

Start your paper with a precise definition of the term. Signify the impacts it could place on the performance of the overall project. Tell your reader that it is a key step which integrates all the operations, resources and skills required for the successful completion of your project.

Proceed further by mentioning seven basic attributes of project management namely; planning, communication, change management, risk analysis, confidence building, quality control and problem solving. You can also highlight the role of a project manager in the course of project development.

You can also cover the two major categories of skills required in project management i.e. soft and hard skills. Show that soft skills are primarily related to people and their behavior when working in teams while hard skills are gained with the passage of time and experience and mainly concerned with effective performance.

Moreover, you can also include its scope as a subject. Depicting project management as a tool for quality performance and ultimately a winning end you can also mention the strengths and power it could bestow to the group of capable business players.

Additionally, to make your term paper on project management more impressive you can also introduce project management triangle, signifying the four basic dimensional constraints it brings i.e. time, cost, quality and scope.

Beside this, you can also include the numbers of problems an organization could face during assembling their operational flow. It could be technical problem, managerial problem, financial problems etc. Furthermore, you can also provide it with the strategies that could be adopted to solve these issues

At last, be manageable in deploying your project management term paper with its basic structure i.e. an introduction, an informative body and conclusion at the end. Don’t forget to proof read.

Prison Rehabilitation Programs

Prison rehabilitation programs are the methods stated by criminal justice authorities to keep prisoners away from committing further crimes. Previously, the purpose of such programs was to improve the character of prisoners but now it has been directed towards complete avoidance of crimes. These programs assist criminals to start new life free from criminal activities.

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It has been observed that prisoners usually commit crimes because of some financial and social problems, drug addictions, avoidance from family, or any deficiency which make them feel shame. So these programs direct its efforts keeping in view the criminals’ background and particular training he needs for example drugs addicted prisoners are being given proper medical treatment which helps them to get rid of drugs addiction. Thus rehabilitation programs vary according to the nature of crimes, type of criminals and the institutions from which criminals belong to.

Every individual is unique, having different background and different learning styles, thus there are different treatment methods subjected to their ethnicities, ages, genders, attitudes, learning styles and personalities. There are some steps involved in Prison rehabilitation programs, in which they are being given a series of educational, psychological and professional training which aim to address specific offending behavior. Following are the steps.

• The foremost step is to accurately evaluate prisoner’s individual behavior
• Second is to analyze needs and risks involved in treatment of prisoners.
• Last step is to design the programs according to needs, risks and nature of prisoners.

Prison Rehabilitation programs are being offered by some religious and social organizations, which specifically concentrate educational and religious prison rehabilitation programs. Such programs are not only useful for criminals but are also good for society as a whole. Upon completion of such programs, prisoners get properly trained so they can live a normal life not even thinking to return back to their previous immoral life.

The best feature of such programs is that they identify the prisoner’s potential skills and work towards improving and enhancing their skills. They provide them with degrees and specialized courses on cooking, repairing computers, or creating recycled crafts etc. Furthermore they are being provided with recommendation letters so their criminal records do not become hurdle for getting jobs and they become able to earn for their decent living.

Important for a prisoner is to have a will to change themselves, and then giving them support to improve their selves. Many of them do not know how to start a new life, such prison rehabilitation programs are the way, and they can enlighten their future life.

Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is prevalent in women and you also have seen its patients around you. No doubt, it’s a worthy topic to write on in social as well as medical perspective. At the time of term paper topic selection, experts advise to write on narrow topic that will be easy to encircle completely in short term paper word count. When you are going to write on postpartum depression, select a petite topic like tips on postpartum depression.

In term paper tips on postpartum depression, first of all write about what is postpartum, its prevalence in men and women, its symptoms and causes in brief.

Postpartum depression is a form of clinical depression, which affects women and men after childbirth. Studies report that its prevalence rates in women is much greater than men.

In women particularly, it effects after childbirth and may last up to several weeks or months. Its symptoms include sadness, lack of sleep, fatigue, changes in eating patterns, reduced libido, anxiety and irritability.
In post partum depression’s causes segment of your term paper tips on post partum depression you should mention its maximum causes: lack of vitamins, physical weakness, hormonal imbalance, lack of time for themselves, drug’s side effects etc.

Now move toward the tips to eradicate this problem, which is the major part of your term paper tips on post partum depression, include:

• One should carve out some time for her, don’t forget to do personal grooming and also give some time to your favorite hobby as well.
• One should eat well to fulfill the nutritional demand of her body because nutritional deficiency can also be a cause of postpartum depression.
• Sleep properly, because insufficient sleep makes you tired and irritated in day time.
• One should also exercise normally because researches reveal that exercise is a good therapy to reduce depression.
• A term paper tips on post partum depression should also discus that one can ask for help from family, siblings or friend.
• One shouldn’t be afraid to ask for medical help, if the problem persists or one is experiencing severe symptoms like suicidal or homicidal feelings.
• In addition, you should also write in your term paper tips on postpartum depression that proper counseling and a little care of the mother from family can overcome it, easily.

In the end, reread your term paper tips on postpartum depression to make it flawless.

Criminal Justice

In United States, a structural and legal set of systematic rules is enforced to maintain social control; these regulations are termed as Criminal Justice. A Criminal Justice system with social institutions is set up to implement criminal law having certain commandments and limitations. It is the framework of a number of components. Several major subsystems mutually work to ensure criminal’s protection and fortification from being abused. These departments include police and subsequent law enforcement agencies, tribunals and courts, prosecutions and civil warden offices, trailing and parole agencies. They all work to make sure about the trial to be conducted carefully and transparently, until the suspect is proven guilty or innocent.

Talking about its past, the U.S Criminal Justice system was very much interrupted by philosophers and religious scholars of Colonial America. But nowadays, it has refined due to which laws have been modernized. It has facilitated both the law breakers and victims with additional rights and privileges. Check and balance along with proper recording of hearing, leads to fair trials. These laws have become more unified, clear and uniform. It helps in ceasing authoritarian rulings. These improvements lead to the development of distinct federal, national and military criminal justice having individual formats for children and adults.

It provides deprived suspects with a chance of freedom and liberty. Special attention is given to such civilians, who got migrated and putted into custody for a long period. Moreover, particular interest is taken by the Criminal Justice system, when law enforcement authorities took away chattels such as car or money used in criminal activities. Individuals with mental illness and, subjected to penalty are also provided secure mental health facilities by these justice laws

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There are five key factors involved in U.S. Criminal Justice.

• Firstly, local law enforcement, which includes police force. It helps in resolving routine crimes by issuing fine.

• Secondly, Court trial is held and suspected troublemakers are brought into the legal system. It involves officers and other witnesses who decide the case to be filed or not.

• If case filed, it is brought to a court of law namely a court case. Here judge is responsible for hearing and reporting the conclusion.

• Moreover, if enough evidences are not provided, trial with grand jury is conducted. A jury acts as a third party, having no involvement with law enforcement agencies.

• Finally, after investigation members of jury make decision for the innocence or guiltiness of the offender.

Among major crimes such as robbery, drugs, car snatching etc child abduction is very common. Criminal Justice provides facilities to investigate the case. For this, F.B.I is in charge to take action against the kidnapper and to bring the child back to home.

The structured procedures including precise and cohesive laws of Criminal Justice have proved to be integral parts in holding control and order for keen benefit of civilians.

Sickle Cell Anemia

Term papers in the field of life sciences are of crucial importance. They are not only significant in acquiring a decent grade but also help your with your research and analytical skills. Term papers have always been viewed by the students as an obstacle course and this article is going change your outlook for tomorrow.

If you are searching on how to write a term paper on sickle cell anemia, then read on. The very first step towards writing a term paper is to know your topic and know your audience. In this case you will be talking about a prevailing disorder to people who are already well – versed with the basic concepts, tools and techniques of the medical field.

You can divide your paper into an introduction, main body and then the conclusion. The introductory paragraph holds much importance. This will decide your reader’s attention towards your entire paper.

You can start with explaining what sickle cell anemia is in simple terms. Use of easy and to the point language is important; this will result in reader’s comprehension thus increasing your chances of acing. After introducing the disease, you can now talk about the prevalence of sickle cell anemia around the world. Place emphasis on the regions where sickle cell anemia is commonly found in people. You can also add statistical data from your country or state.

Next, you will have to provide a detailed set of symptoms that are specific to this blood disorder. You can talk about pain, anemic conditions, delayed growth eye problems, infections, acute chest syndrome and stroke that occur during sickle cell anemia.

You will also have to write about the genetic aspects of the disease. How the disorder is carried on to the next generation, passed on to an offspring. At this point, you might also want to discuss the factors that culminate towards this gene traveling from one generation to another.

You can add points on how to approach the issue if your baby is affected with sickle cell anemia. Making sure that you state substantial facts and figures as this does deal with lives of people. You may now discuss the different kinds of treatments available for sickle cell anemia from anticancer drugs to antibiotics. At this point you should include the various researches that are under process to treat this disorder effectively.

At the end of this article we assume you are now ready to jot down your very own term paper on sickle cell anemia.